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UK supplier of quality slate products

Slatetiles.direct offers one of the largest ranges of slate tiles.

About SlateTiles.Direct

SlateTiles.Direct is a UK supplier of quality slate products mainly from Brazil.

The ranges available encompass tiles in their various forms, cladding , hearths and fabrication.

Our emphasis is always on quality, from slate flooring to slate wall cladding, whatever the size of the order. We have great relationships with our long standing producers so we always offer a quality product.

We can supply to the trade or private clients from small to large volumes, including bespoke natural slate items to your special requirements all fabricated in our inhouse plant.

Slate Tiles

For hundreds of years slate has been the material of choice for floors . Public places and buildings historically use natural slate for flooring and cladding not only for durability but for the aesthetic appearance it presents of solidity, sophistication and expense.

Used in conjunction with other natural materials it can be worked to complement a traditional appearance, or with sharp angular shapes can fit the most contemporary of designs.

We can deliver to addresses throughout the United Kingdom, please contact us for bulk supply and delivery prices.

Surfaces & Finishes

Riven flooring slate – These tiles are the normal texture which people have seen in many properties over the years. They vary from very lightly riven Brazilian slates with the least texture, through to the rustic slates which are very heavily riven from mainly china or Africa , creating a rustic farmhouse characteristic. Available for both internal or external application

Honed slate – This is when the surface of the slate has been machined to be completely flat and smooth. The surface can be further polished to create a shiny finish. Honed slates generally do not have a shiny appearance.

Chipped edged slate – This is when the slates have hand cut chipped edges, rather than diamond sawn straight edges, this instantly creates an aged antiqued appearance when laid.

Tumbled Slate – This slate tiles has been sawn to size, and then put into a rotating tumbling drum rounding off the sharp edges, giving the tiles a softer almost worn appearance. Available mainly as a traditional pattern for the more flagstone look.

Splitface Slate – These are random thickness slate pieces glued together to create a irregular look , used internally and externally as feature walls … also make great water features.

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So please look through our ever increasing ranges , if any are of interest please feel free to contact us

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